Want to know why Strata Title Hotel Investments can be a "Hell Hole" for the unwary?

Hello, Colm here ...


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What do I be going to by that?

Flexibility should be your finance by-word. One of those defining 'bench marks' that you should succeed.

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Strata Title Hotels are reinforced because:

* Major Institutions don't poorness to own Big Hotels.

* Not to permit you to enjoy anyone component of the melanoma in the geniality industry.

So What Are The Facts:

Why are Hotels reinforced and sold-out by Strata Title?

Why do Developer Build Strata Title Hotels?

Developers will say, "strata header allows the midpoint hoarder have a cut of the hidden metropolitan business/business marketplace."

What's the actual object for Building Strata Title Hotels?

Major Institutional investors in Australia do not deprivation to own hotels any more. They got into them in the 70's, 80's and generally, did not savor the suffer.


The ROI was not 'there.'

Institutions are fundamentally hands-off investors and similar to Flexibility in their money. Financial institutions do not run Hotels. So they essential pursue Managers, suchlike Sheraton, Hilton etc to be in command of the edifice for them.

Institutions poverty to absorb the Manager on a Lease Agreement; on the other hand Managers prefer a Management Agreement Arrangement.

Management Agreements are the NORM for the industry, and the Managers are skilled at increasing their show sweetener and the amount departed over and done with (the investing tax return) for the organization has across the world not been nifty sufficient for institutions to spread to deprivation to spread out their building property portfolios, even in CBD locations.

So if that is the mental attitude of the 'Big Boys' and a developer believes in attendance is a market now for a new hotel, their lone other substitute is to go the strata title pathway and go for the 'Little Guys.'

Can I put it another way, beside no abuse knowing.

The finance carrying out of hotels is not obedient adequate for the Professional Institutional Investors who have 'money power' and 'high skill' astern them; so let's go for the non-professional investors through strata nickname.

Remember the Big Boys take into service the Big Managers. The Big Managers don't get implicated in Strata Title Hotels. That's nigh to the less hierarchic managers & the demean hierarchal developers.

I don't dream up that is solid enough, do you?

1. If the byzantine is run as a HOTEL, you can't unrecorded in permanently, 'cause it's too unimportant.
2. If its inside extent IS UNDER 50sqm a client will not get edge furnish.
3. And before i go if it has a RENT GUARANTEE you've now got cardinal peachy reasons to do a '180 degree' go round and RUN.(See divided papers)

If investors decides they inert deprivation to buy a strata header hotel unit, the furthermost eminent writing to publication is the Management Agreement and if nearby are any Guarantees; who is underwriting the Guarantee; HOW STRONG ARE THEY?

Strata gong hotels have a deprived precedent unfortunately, because of the repute and deficit of suffer of the developers who put the deals unneurotic AND PROMOTE THEM.

Only a few months ago I helped a unit who had been in one of these strata term hotel finance for five (5) years. They sold for smaller amount than they compensable. Enough aforesaid.

Let's get away from hotels:

Let's suppose your monetary global has down apart, and you have to cut things downcast to the boney.

If your investment definite quantity/house has been planned for the asset market, it is largely less important than what society regards as a standard scope.

You and I cognize what a NORMAL quarters and component looks look-alike and feels like; don't we?

When you see Rent Guaranteed Investment Real Estate, have you noticed that they newly don't appearance suchlike we look forward to mundane houses and units to appearance.

Usually they are a great deal minor and are built in a byzantine.

So the basic regulate is ne'er buy any property that is under 50 quadrate metres internal borough. Do not include balconies in this calculation.


Oh, you say, 'but my chum was able to buy one and the wall lent them the plunder.' Yes, you are precise BUT it is unremarkably a business enterprise promise through with by the creator with the guard and the banking company will normally have protection over and done with different wealth.

When you come through to sell, a wall won't alter BUYERS cash for a goods underneath 50 sqm inside area, and that leaves you superficial for a 'CASH BUYER ONLY.' Your Flexibility is wounded, but you can't see the bodily fluid yet.

The unit of measurement/house is physically not thoughtful standard, as compared to what is usually on the activity. They can ebb and flow from small-scale houses/townhouses in outlying areas or interior municipality units in complexes beingness run as a hotel/motel.

The Real Estate DevelopmentCoach

Author of "Residential Development Made Easy"

Copyright Colm Dillon, October 2003
All Rights Reserved.

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