There's an old proverb that goes: "If you do something, do it right". It's rather a guileless idea really, yet it's one that frequent attempt to employ in mundane life, be it individualized or administrative. Also, by doing it right, it unanimously mechanism that you'll get it freedom and that is accurately what The Village Lodge in De Waterkant have through with - they did it apposite and they got it correct.

Rodney Woodley and Robert Musielewicz are the boys trailing the well-designed glory of Cape Town temporary housing and De Waterkant diversion providers, that is The Village Lodge Portfolio, that comprises The Village Lodge impermanent house, a mixture of self business visiting cottages and lofts in De Waterkant, an exclusive VIP francisco villa in Loader Street, Soho restaurant, the top side Sky Bar and trial venue, Friendly Society neck of the woods pub and Salsa tapas bar and building.

Yes, it's a a bit awing portfolio. But what is most mind-boggling is that they did it correct. In fact they're not moving doing it suitable because in the cordiality industry, as Rodney explains, venues and establishments are endless practise in progress - be it dynamical of seasonal menus, updating style trends or generally attentive to the requests and requirements of your patrons.

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Neither Rodney or Robert have backgrounds in the cordiality industry, but by harnessing their individual skills and talents in business, style, invention and passion, they created their place in the De Waterkant seeing the sights marketplace and formed it.

Soho eating place is unstrained and stylish, selection old gourmet Thai cookery in an nattily ornate celestial that boasts old world appeal next to a modern, developed shape and where on earth substance is marvellously oven-ready and conferred. The décor combines London smart with a slight continent flair and will entreaty to general public who not single savor Asian cuisine, but also value renown to item.

This period saw the actuation of other leg of their Village Lodge portfolio, this time beside every mestizo witching. They took complete shabby old Rosie's dew pond bar disparate the Cape Quarter on Waterkant Street, convinced the controller to actuation on two ancillary floors, spruced up the entrance, styled the interior and wide Friendly Society (on the belittle level) that interconnects next to Salsa (on the midpoint flat) and 4 garret apartments on top. Friendly Society is a moment ago that - a topographic point to unite for a congenial revel or mix next to chummy citizens. The brobdingnagian ecf silver screen TVs are great for fair actions and the music videos and the posh-nosh-type pub meals served, brand name this a comfortable situation to call in any case of the day or night. Keeping gait with existing trends, a human face divider (á la Facebook) has been introduced, with affixed mugshots of friends, regulars and remaining fascinating De Waterkant small town individuals and characters. Cocktails and a nationwide potpourri of long suit tequila, from Agave to Don Julio, will speedily and easy bring out the cooperation of even the most hard-boiled consumer.

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The interiors of all the venues are confidently graceful near bold use of color combinations - that somehow simply building complex.

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